The Tomatis Method is based on Dr. Alfred Tomatis' lifetime of research and discovery in the field of human hearing and sound perception.

Fundamental to Dr. Tomatis' work was his basic tenet that one could not reproduce a sound that one could not hear.

It is this concept that has been extended and that plays such an important role in the learning of new languages.

Tomatis' discoveries also shed light on why it is so difficult for some people to learn and speak a foreign language.

Most importantly, he has developed a method and the equipment to overcome this difficulty.

The Tomatis Method works on acclimatizing the ear to the sounds of the new language. This results in a greater understanding and a dramatic reduction in the amount of time required to learn a language.

> Earobic language training, Auroville Today, April 2003

> How the Tomatis Method Accelerates Learning Foreign Languages
By Jan Gerritsen, Ph.D.

> Tomatis Presentation


This fascinating Method has many applications in addition to language learning, for both children and adults. These include treatment of : 

- Autism and other communication disorders, 

- Learning disorders including dyslexia, dysgraphia, aphasia, etc

- Hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder

- Certain kinds of hearing loss

- Language delays and other language problems including stuttering

- Depression and lack of confidence

- Problems in expression and voice control (including loss of voice)


It has also been used for 

- Stress and anxiety reduction

- Release of creative potential

- Improving concentration and memory.


The Tomatis Research Centre of the Auroville Language Laboratory is presently the only centre in India offering this method.  A detailed website is being developed.

Meanwhile you can get more detailed information about this method at www.listenwell.com and you may also send send an enquiry to "ALLTomatis - at - gmail dot com"