Please contact the Lab immediately if any of these classes interests you, and please register BEFORE joining the classes. If you don’t see your language or level in this list, contact us anyway, because based on demand we can organise other classes.

New students are requested to fill out the forms and register BEFORE attending any classes.

We have excellent university-level video and audio study materials and software in our mediatheque, which enable self-study and guided study in various languages.  Going somewhere and want to get a little introduction to the language of the place you are going to, or simply have an urge to learn something new? : Come and spend some time in the Lab.  We crossed the 100 languages barrier and now over 102 languages are available and we have some excellent new audio and video materials in different languages.  All are welcome to discover these wonderful resources. Raj, Mano and Parthippan will help you familiarize yourself with the mediatheque.


We always welcome donations of materials, textbooks, dictionaries, CDs, and software for language learning.  Teachers who want to work with us on the long-term with these materials are welcome to contact us. 

We would like to remind everyone that free copies of the Audio CD of Mother’s Prayers and Meditations, read in the original French by 24 Aurovilians, are available at the Lab.  Anybody who wants one, can have one, so please come by.  For those who want exposure to French, it’s wonderful to have this play in the background.

Our CD to learn the Tamil Alphabet is also available, for Rs 299.

The Tomatis Centre is also open.  We will start testing again next week.  Apologies to those who have had to wait.  All those waiting for Listening Tests or to start Tomatis programs for either language learning or therapeutic purposes are requested to contact us now.  The direct Tomatis phone number is 2623088 and you can also phone the Lab to request an appointment.  You can visit our website www.aurovillelanguagelab.org and click on “Tomatis Method” and then “Presentation” for a presentation on what the Tomatis Method is and how it works.


Contact: Phone: 2623 661, 9585207962.  Email all@auroville.org.in  Location : Shakti Community.