We need a language not artificially new but something supple enough to be adapted to the needs of a new Consciousness and this language will probably emerge like that, through elimination of habits from a group of older languages.

~ The Mother

Each language is the sign and power of the soul of the people which naturally speaks it. Each develops therefore its own peculiar spirit, thought-temperament, way of dealing with life and knowledge and experience.

~ Sri Aurobindo

To enter into such a linguistic universe, one must also enter in the psychology of the person who is invested in it, to resound to the accents of his or her soul, to be able to spot the most prominent of its ethnic characteristics, imbibe the most diverse crystallizations of its thought, in order to perceive the subtleties underlying each message. For this, one must listen identically.

~ Léna Tomatis

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The Alfred Tomatis Method is the outcome of Dr. Alfred Tomatis’s lifetime of research & discovery in the field of human hearing & sound perception...

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