About us

Who we are

Founded on the principles of harmony, innovation, & scientific learning, the Auroville Language Lab is a unique language & research laboratory that draws upon the diverse linguistic culture of Auroville, a township that resonates with languages from all across the world. At the core of our ethos is Auroville’s vision of realising a society based on human unity and progressive harmony—an ideal that the Lab strives toward through meaningful engagement with language & human interconnectedness as also through deepening one’s self awareness & expression. The Lab welcomes everyone: Aurovillians, Newcomers, and Guests to experience language, speech, & listening in a paradigm-shifting way at its beautiful center located in the International Zone of Auroville.

Language learning

ALL offers courses in English, French, Tamil, Sanskrit, Hindi, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages —all taught by native speakers & structured around award-winning audio, video, & interactive materials with access to a multimedia reference library. Classes at the Lab are innovative, interactive, and a lot of fun, with students joining in from vastly diverse cultural & linguistic backgrounds. Language learners can choose from a range of course options like self-study programs using Mediatheque (a digital language-learning library) or group classes with an instructor or one-on-one private classes, whichever suits them best.

Alfred Tomatis method

The Auroville Language Lab is the first centre in India to offer the Alfred Tomatis Method, a sophisticated listening/ear retraining program also known as “Audio Psycho Phonology” which has both language-learning as also therapeutic applications. The method involves ‘acclimatizing’ the ear to sounds, frequencies, and cadences that it has previously been unaccustomed to as a way of retraining the brain to listen less selectively and hence, more expansively. This enables the learner to produce sounds of a particular language like a native speaker & thereby achieve native fluency in a relatively short amount of time. As of June 1st 2019, we are the only place in India, and one of the rare places in the world to offer group language training programs as well as Tomatis Classrooms using this method.

Alfred Tomatis and well-being

Over the years, the Alfred Tomatis Method has been variously applied to a broad spectrum of mental health issues and learning disorders affecting all ages—the method has shown incredible success in addressing issues such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, autism, developmental delays, language related problems such as stuttering, delayed language development, expression and voice control, as well as in coping with depression, low self esteem, anger, stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Certain kinds of hearing disorders like professional & psychological deafness, tinnitus, vertigo, etc. have also been effectively managed.

Beyond resolving medical issues, the Alfred Tomatis method has a profound catalytic effect in enhancing a person’s growth, creative potential, and self-awareness. Testimonials recorded by the parents of children as also the adults who have undergone therapy programs with us provide a wide-ranging perspective on the diverse benefits and efficacy of this method.

Sustainable architecture at ALL

The Auroville Language Lab (ALL) is committed to the ethos of sustainable living, ecological balance, & integral well-being and our building is a testament to these values. Ecofriendly, health-conscious, & electromagnetically compliant, the ALL building mainly uses lime instead of cement in its structure and has a special system of cooling that eliminates use of air conditioning. It combines ancient Indian knowledge with modern technology to combat climate change and ensure optimum human comfort. Uniquely beautiful & spacious, our building is one of Auroville’s finest structures built on the principles of sustainable architecture.