Get Involved

Volunteering at Auroville Language Lab

One way to experience the spirit of Auroville and its sense of community & collaborative work is to volunteer at an Auroville unit. Volunteering at the Language Lab can be a profoundly enriching experience—over the years, volunteers from across the globe have generously given their time and talents to the Lab, thereby contributing to its growth in immeasurable ways. The volunteers too, along the way, learn, grow and evolve in an inspiring & welcoming environment. It’s a great way to learn new skills, forge meaningful connections, and rediscover one’s own self. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds with varied perspectives, which adds freshness and fosters a spirit of healthy knowledge-exchange. We are a space for growth, inclusivity, and shared learning.

Volunteering Opportunities

The Lab is always looking for volunteers! An enthusiasm for our work and a willingness to contribute effectively as part of our team are our only prerequisites. At any given point in time, we have a host of activities and ongoing projects that you could get involved in, like:

Teaching a language (long term)

Managing our social media accounts

Organizing our reference library

Teaching a language (long term) Assisting in several of our research projects

Assisting with our publication projects

Documenting the trees planted at Auroville Language Lab